MB Fat Finesse Worm 6" (12 Pack)

A slightly fatter alternative to a classic finesse worm shape. Buy X Zone Pro Series MB Fat Finesse Worm fishing lures online for proven fish catching design and features that make it a must have for all bass anglers.

Classic finesse worm shape, just fatter! Catch more bass with a subtle presentation change!

Besides its awesome shape and design the X Zone 6" MB Fat Finesse Worm FLOATS. Whether rigged on a shakey head or texas rigged with a tungsten weight, when the Fat Finesse worm hits the bottom - the tail stands straight up.

Made with our specialized plastic, super fine salt and scent infused formula, the MB Fat Finesse Worm is a premium high quality bait that is softer and higher quality than any other worm on the market.


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