Mini Slammers - 3" (10 Pack)

Pros Use The Mini Slammer

X Zone Lures has its roots helping anglers crush big bass, to win numerous big fish awards and have tournament wins and success.

The X Zone Mini Slammer is the ultimate 3” 100% hand poured finesse presentation.  When the bite is tough, forage is small or you are looking for that last big fish tie on the X Zone Mini Slammer.  Slight rod movements with a Drop Shot or bottom undulations with a Shakeyhead give the Min Slammer a lifelike shivering action that mimics a struggling Baitfish, Shiner, Goby, or Sculpin.  Mini Slammers are perfect to catch Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Walleye.

What is the true secret behind the Mini Slammer? 100% True Hand Pour means more Naturally Moving Baits. Using this technique creates a salt impregnated bait that is soft, incredibly supple, which is key in duplicating the subtleties of nature. Whether you are a tournament fisherman, a weekend warrior or an occasional angler the X Zone Mini Slammer is a favourite and must have among all.

Remember when you need finesse or the bite gets tough tie on an X Zone Mini Slammer and get ready for the next bite!


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