Fat Slammer - 4" (8 Pack)

Same great shape as the Original Slammer - Just Bigger Profile!

The X Zone Fat Slammer is the big brother of the original Slammer.  It is famous for catching monster smallmouth and largemouth for both recreation and tournament anglers.   The X Zone Fat Slammer is a 100% true hand-poured bait!  X Zone’s specialized hand-pouring process delivers a soft textured, salt impregnated bait with unmatched quality and action.  The Fat Slammer’s unique shape, action, and incredible hatch matching colors allow it to mimic a wide variety of forage from minnows, shad, shiners to sculpin, gobies, and leeches  

The Fat Slammer is mostly fished on a Dropshot rig but is also deadly on a Shakey head or Football head presentations when game fish are on bottom looking for prey.  The X Zone Fat Slammer is a clear choice when Power Dropshotting for Largemouth in weedy areas!  It has a thicker body to easily be Texas rigged for this presentation offering incredible action that makes bass bite!

Whether you are a tournament fisherman, a weekend warrior or an occasional angler the X Zone Fat Slammer is a favorite and must have among all!


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