Purple Craze is real

Posted Dec 20th, 2018

Purple Craze is real

Purple Craze is real!

Introducing the newest colour to the X Zone X Tube line up, the Purple Shiner!  Available in both sizes; 2.75” and 3.75”, the Purple Shiner X Tube will surely attract more than just those fat smallmouth bass!

We haven’t quite figured it out yet, but northern anglers love their purples, especially when it comes to fall fishing and hunting those giant smallmouth.  Whether you are matching the hatch on your favourite lake or using your favourite purple colour on a new lake, purple works time and time again!

The all new Purple Shiner X Tube, is loaded with salt and poured with soft, yet durable plastics that you have come to know very well.

Rig up the 2.75” Purple Shiner on a 3/8oz X Zone 60 degree Tube weight, and fish it on shallow sand flats or rock piles in the summer.  Or if you are still targeting those hungry fall / winter smallmouth, rig up the 3.75” size on a 1/2oz or 3/4oz Tube weight and drag deep school smallies just waiting for that easy meal.

Either way you slice it, the Purple Shiner is going to excel in all conditions!  Make sure to load up and don’t miss out next time you are on the water!