Fishing Pro Joe Lucarelli

Posted Jun 1st, 2016 in pro

X Zone Lures is proud to be back in production with new owners, VRX Fishing. We are taking the lures back to their original hand pouring process that made the Slammer drop shot and Swammer swim bait so famous – and we're thrilled that Joe Lucarelli is back on our team!

Fishing Pro Joe Lucarelli is also back on Pro Staff with X Zone lures and is excited to be competing in this season's upcoming FLW Series using the true hand poured lures that garnered him success in the past.

Joe is a unique tournament angler as he not only learnt how to fish from his Dad, Steve Lucarelli when he was a young boy but he continues to learn from his Dad as he competes against him in all of the tournament events. This Father/son team have been competing against each other in tournaments for close to 10 years.  

Steve Lucarelli is a notable full-time fishing guide in New Hampshire for over 15 years and spends plenty of time on the water. One would think that Steve would have the advantage in a tournament situation but Joe applies his knowledge of bait selection, hook style, and techniques which allow him to catch some pretty large bass on tournament day. Joe Lucarelli and Steve Lucarelli not only share information but in the past made it to the podium with Joe in first place and Steve in second place while fishing the FLW Open event.  

Joe prefers to target many of the lake's smallmouth bass and X Zone Lures has proven him consistent tournament winning catches. Joe used the original X Zone lure to win the FLW Championship Northern Open Division in 2012 with his 5 bass limit of over 22lbs and it was this success that he aspires to recreating this season.

If given the opportunity, Joe would love to fish full time as a pro angler but he does love his career in sales of over 15 years. 

Joe's advice to the next generation of anglers would be:  "Looking back, I wouldn't have one full time job, but two part-time jobs to start his career."


  • X Zone Lures hand pour has a lot to do with my success, as it shines on the swim bait , and it mimicks what the fish are foraging for. My favorite colors are the Slammers 210 smoke with purple and the 309 green pumpkin. The key is to not overdue it, with presentation. With respect to the Swammer,I prefer the open hook jig, revenge XL hook 3/8, and a belly weight.
    Joe Lucarelli