About X Zone Lures Products

X Zone Lures were specially designed to behave like lake forage, attracting fish quickly and easily to their shape and movement in the water.

X Zone Lures – Filling a Need in the Fishing Industry

X Zone Lures was founded by Canadian tournament angler Mark Kulik. He conceived of the idea while practicing for some upcoming tournaments that best suited a drop shot technique. 

Mark realized he needed bait that would behave just like the lake forage in the lake where the events were being held.

Mark noticed that the tournament lakes had an abundance of crayfish and goby. So, a profile that looked and acted like both of these, with an action that could vary depending on conditions, was required. This eventually led him to develop the first “Slammer” designs.

Our 'Slammer' lures to meet this niche.

X Zone Lures' success in tournaments and expertise in using the “dropshot” technique has made us a household name in the fishing industry. The 'Slammer' has become one of the most dominant baits in Canada and the northern United States. It has been so successful that it’s popularity is quickly catching on all across North America!

From pros to leisure fishermen throughout North America, the fishing industry loves X Zone Lures!

And, since the Slammer's success began, we have expanded our product line to include other great designs and products.

With X Zone Lures, fishermen all over North America can fill out their tackle boxes with lures that look and behave just like the forage in their lakes. That means better results, and bigger fish, faster.

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100% True Hand Pour Means A More Naturally Moving Bait

The secret behind the success of the Slammer and other X Zone baits is that they are 100% True Hand Pour.

This technique makes takes longer than traditional injection molding, but the end result is a bait that is durable yet incredibly supple, which is the key to duplicating the subtleties of nature.

Our Customers Come First

We set out to create a product that would truly work hard for our customers, and we’ve extended that philosophy to our customer service practices.

Over the years, we've gained a reputation for working hard for our customers, and providing the highest quality service possible.

We pride ourselves in the fact that competitive pricing and great customer service are trademarks of X Zone Lures.