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We started designing another bass bait but something went wrong
Swim baits have taken on various forms and sizes both in hard baits and soft baits. The bass tournament community has mixed reviews on their effectiveness, particularly the soft bait users claiming many are too ridgid to work as slow as they were meant to be used. The success of the original tournament proven Slammer gave us a form factor and texture to work with. We wanted a bait that could be used at various speeds using different techniques from a slow swim cast to a medium or high speed stroll or troll. A year of testing and tweeking on lakes all over the north east and mid west and the results were incredible. We had achieved our goal!

Something else happened on the way to designing our next generation bass swim bait. Reports of whitefish, lake trout, and walleye were being caught on the new test baits. Through the winter of 2010/2011 hard water anglers were hammering trout and whitefish through the ice. We knew the first time we tested this incredible new soft bait that it was going to be a winner and we had achieved our goal, but we had no idea just how effective it would be as a multi spieces bait. So what do you call a new bait to follow in the footsteps of the most successful drop-shot bait on the great lakes? What else -Swammer!

Available June 2011


whitefish with swammer taros swammer walleye gord pyzer with 2 big swammer bass JW Trout with swammer




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